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Saving Space in Your Bathroom With Wall Mounted Bathroom Fixtures: Here’s How!

Posted on December 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

Have you ever felt frustrated because you cannot seem to figure out how to squeeze in every important item necessary for your bathroom? Are you among the many homeowners, who are willing to scour and spend for luxurious bathroom accessories, only to get disappointed in the end due to the circumstance that your bathroom is limited in legroom? This situation is not new to many people. In fact, a number of property owners are constantly faced with the exact problem, whether at home or in a business establishment.

In an attempt to maximize bathroom space, a variety of seemingly feasible solutions have risen. Home renovation is one thing, although quite a hassle especially for already occupied homes. Another answer is bathroom expansion, which calls for ample amount of time plus greater expenses. While both of these may sound sensible enough, the best way however, is to settle with wall mounted bathroom fixtures that do not take much of the stuffed up tiny area and defeat the first two answers in terms of completion speed and budget concerns.

Now, the question is on how to begin the quest of turning your crammed bath into a space ideal for freshening up in comfort and style. Basically, this task can be jump-started by getting rid of all the clutter. Take out unnecessary items, like magazines and books, unused soap dishes, toiletry stocks, and the like. Instead of cramming everything up inside, arrange these in another area outside or near the bathroom door because for a bathroom that has too little breathing space, junk such as these bring no help at all.

Upon clearing the spot, make sure that all the essentials are left inside. Increasing legroom doesn’t mean compromising your needs. But if you feel that it still appears packed in spite of the de-cluttering effort, don’t lose hope. The key to achieving your goal is in improvising. You can replace items meant to occupy floor space with wall mounted ones.

There are a number of wall mounted bathroom fixtures that help in saving much space. If you are used to a full-length standing mirror in your bath, save it for another part of the house and use a wall mounted makeup mirror in your bathroom instead. For the wash area, there are also wall hung consoles that allow much space underneath for other items, such as a laundry basket or a waste basket. In addition, when it comes to soap dispensers, it would be wise to pick wall mounted ones too. Because the objective is to observe space maximization, wall mounted bathroom fixtures are the best options.

In the end, saving space is only part of the whole process. There remain other great contributors to the overall appeal of a bathroom. Personal preferences in choosing wall mounted bathroom fixtures along with creativity and organization matter a lot, which is why buyers need to acquire basic knowledge in bathroom designing prior to shopping.