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How To Update Your Bathroom Without Spending A Fortune

Posted on November 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

Updating the look of an existing bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune and there are plenty of ways in which you can create a fresh new look and feel. There are now more bathroom products around than ever before that will suit every shape and size of bathroom, whether you have a small bathroom such as an en-suite or a large family bathroom and with careful attention to detail you can transform the look of any bathroom without splashing the cash.

If your bathroom needs a complete revamp you don’t need to have a huge budget to replace the whole bathroom suite. By opting for a complete bathroom suite package it can help you to save money rather than buying individual pieces, and there are a wide variety of styles to choose from ranging from the ultra-modern to the more traditional so you can create the exact look that you require. Bathroom suite packages usually include the bath or shower enclosure, basin, toilet and taps and are a great way to easily create a coordinating look.

Replacing your bathroom taps can even make a big difference to the look of your bathroom. Bathroom taps now come in a huge variety of styles and designs than ever before so you can be certain to find the right style to fit in with the look of your bathroom. When you are choosing new bathroom taps make sure that they reflect the shape and design of the basin, for example if your basin has soft, curved lines then opt for a basin tap with a rounded shape and if you have a basin with an angular shape choose a tap with square lines, which will create a look that flows.

If you have a bath that you don’t use very often then think about replacing it with a walk in shower enclosure to instantly update the look of the bathroom. Walk in shower enclosures feature a spacious showering area at one end with the opposite end being used for a drying area that is open to the room. Walk in showers offer easy access making them ideal for people who are less mobile and they are also great for people who lead busy lifestyles. A walk in shower enclosure can be installed into a recess area or can be used with a glass side panel. For a very modern look consider choosing a walk in shower with curved glass to add some designer style to your bathroom.

If you have a shower curtain that is way past its best, replacing it with a bath-screen is a great idea and will provide a far better solution for creating an effective waterproof seal. A bath-screen will create a much neater look to your bathroom and they are available in a range of styles including hinged and folding. Bath-screens come in a variety of designs too including curved and square and some even feature a towel rail so your towel is within easy reach.

Installing a new shower can make all the difference, even just replacing the shower head with a new one doesn’t cost a lot to do. Electric showers are a very affordable option too and as they heat the water as it’s needed you can have a hot shower whenever you wish. Electric showers are also available in a range of designs so you can create a look to suit the style of your bathroom.

Even the small details can transform the look of your bathroom, a fresh coat of paint or some new tiles and towels can freshen up the look of the room. Replacing bathroom accessories and installing a new mirror will provide a new look too. Also, think about replacing the radiator with a stylish heated towel rail which will create a more minimal look and provide you with the luxury of warm towels.